The Exhibition & Lectures

The Juvenile In Justice exhibition is showing worldwide:

Upcoming & Current:

Exhibition: Heart Mountain, Powell, Wyoming, May 1, 2014

Exhibition/Lecture: National Conf on Crime Prevention, Karlsruhe, Germany, May  2014

Exhibition/Lecture: University of Memphis, Memphis, Tenn, Sept 2014

Exhibition/Lecture: University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala, Jan 2015

Award: California Public Defenders Association Gideon Award:Media/Journalism/Awareness April 2014

Exhibition/Lecture: World Congress of Juvenile Justice, Geneva, Switz Jan 20-26 2015

Exhibition Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois March 2015

Richard Ross, Executive Director, giving the keynote lecture at the JEA/NSPA National High School Journalism Convention

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