31 states, 1000 interviews, 200+ facilities…

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Alameda County Juvenile Detention Center, San Leandro, California

Angel’s Flight, Los Angeles, California

Central Juvenile Hall, Los Angeles, California

Children of the Night, Van Nuys, California

Ettie Lee Group Home, Azusa, California

Lemon Grove Immigration Youth Shelter, San Diego, California

Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall, Downey, California

Los Prietos Boys Academy, Santa Barbara, California

Maryvale, Rosemead, California

Ventura County Correctional Facility, Ventura, California

Ventura County Juvenile Facility, Ventura, California

Community Assessment and Referral Service

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement

Mission Police Department

San Francisco General Hospital, San Francisco, California

Child Abuse Listening and Meditation Center (CALM), Santa Barbara, California

Pediatrics Ward, Cottage Hospital

Santa Barbara County Juvenile Hall, Santa Maria, California

Santa Barbara High School

Sexual Assault Response Team, Santa Barbara, California

County Jail, Santa Barbara, California

Santa Cruz County Juvenile Hall, California

Santa Maria, California

West Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles, California