I’ve been here been here 3 days. I was charged with running away from a group home. And also larceny and seven more run away charges. I took my Mom’s car and then tried to evade police. So I got an assault. My dad lives with my step-mom–both are heavy drinkers.

My dad is a construction worker. My step-mom takes all my Dad’s attention. She’s an accountant. My mother gave up custody of me last year. She is skitzo, bipolar with psychotic tendencies. She works at a hospital. The eye? I got into a fight with my girlfriend. She punched me so hard I went flying across the room and got a road rash on my shoulder. My eye looks a lot better now. I got hit two weeks ago. My girlfriend is a big Volley Ball Track player. She hit me because I used to have drug and alcohol problems. I said I would stop drinking, but I came into her house drunk. She lives with our best friend, E. She was living with her family, but they moved away and left her. I hope E’s mother will adopt me or at least be guardian. Before this incident I got Bs and Cs in school. I’m in 8th grade. I should be a sophomore but because of issues I am in 8th grade again. It is pretty difficult being Gay and Christian in a land of homophobic. Actually it’s pretty impossible here.

– A.B, age 14

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