I am a transgender female. They have me living in an isolation area for the past 7 months I think to protect me against suicide, but also keep me sort of away from the other girls. I have 2 months to go before I turn 18 and can go home.

I don’t really spend much of my time at home, mostly I’m on the street with older friends who are part of “that life.” They’re mostly people who are positive about who I am but also got involved in stuff like burglary, drugs and prostitution. My parents don’t really get me, the girls here are welcoming, staff is ambivalent. I don’t mind being separate from the other girls, but I miss the interaction. At night it is so noisy that I enjoy the quiet.

A.S, age 17

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2 thoughts on “A.S, age 17, Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility, Kailua, HI

  1. Aloha Mr. Ross, Last year the state of Hawai’i’s Juvenile Justice Advisory Council commissioned the University of Hawai’i school of social sciences department to conduct a long over due (17 years) analysis of the current juvenile crime problems. The analysis report made mention of the “over-representation” of Native Hawaiians in the justice system as being undeterminable. From what you viewed when doing your article, can you share your thoughts on how you saw the juvenile population as far as race or cultural mix ?

  2. Hi Pahu Project,
    Thanks for the question. During my time in Hawaii I photographed at Hale Ho’omalu Juvenile Hall, the Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility, the COYSA Shelter in Haleiwa, Hawaii, and the Hale Kipa Shelter in Ewa Beach. I would say that a majority of the children I spoke with were Native Hawaiians, about a 60:40 ratio.

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