At Juvenile in Justice we are constantly working with institutions, advocacy organizations, non-profits, news and media organizations, individuals, and scholars who use the images gathered in the project to illustrate reports, websites, campaigns and more. Below is a comprehensive list of these collaborators.


Annie E. Casey Foundation
Images used to illustrate report “No place for Kids.”

Campaign for Youth Justice, Washington D.C based advocacy organization
Images used to illustrate report “Misguided Measures.”

Center for Children’s Law and Policy, public interest law and policy organization, Washington, D.C
Images used in video project about Center for Children’s Law and Policy for Arnold Foundation

Ella Baker Center for Human Rights
Image used on posters advocating for California Youth Prison System reform

Equal Justice Initiative (web and print) Montgomery, AL based non-profit legal organization
Image for their publicity for their appeal challenging death-in-prison sentences for
children, Images used for their advocacy program for juveniles in the justice system.

Georgia Appleseed (Public Interest Law Center)
Used images in advocacy publications

In the Life Media “Our Bodies, Our Rights.”
Images used to illustrate video on LGBT youth in the juvenile justice system

Juvenile Justice Initiative
Used images for their site

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange (JJIE) & Bokeh
Yearlong collaboration as a part of JJIE’s ‘Bokeh’ photo site. Series featuring bi-weekly Juvenile-in-Justice images and captions
Our project blog with over 1,000 unique visitors per month, and growing.

Moving Maryland Forward Network
Image for their campaign against locking juveniles up with adult criminals

Project NIA, advocacy organization
Used in their newsletter to promote a Juvenile Justice Training program in Illinois

Public Justice Center, Baltimore, MD based non-profit legal organization
Images used in advocacy campaign
“Reform Juvenile Justice Now: A Judge’s Timely Advice for Drastic System Change.”
Image used on cover of Judge Teske’s book.

Spark Action, online journalism and advocacy center
Used as a part of their youth series

Texans Care For Children
Used images for an advocacy publication about the impact of juvenile justice reforms

Texas Appleseed (Public Interest Law Center)
Used images from Giddings Unit in Annual Newsletter


Corey Bennet, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

Dr. Elizabeth Cauffman, Docuthesis, research documentary database
Images used in video documentary by Behaviorial Psychology Dr. Elizabeth Cauffman of UC Irvine exploring the factors that drive adolescents to commit serious crimes.

Emily Powers
Mitigation Investigator in Georgia

Georgetown University Law Center
School-To-Prison Pipeline Report

Karin Williams
Documentary for National Geographic and PBS, focusing on restoring two justice programs, in New Zealand and in Baltimore

Laura S. Abrams, PhD, Associate Professor and Doctoral Program Chair, UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs
Compassionate Confinement: A Year in the Life of Unit C
The Book is an ethnographic study of a boys’ residential facility in the Midwest. The book is based on over a year of observations and interviews in a treatment-oriented facility and the focus of the book is on the boys’ experiences of being treated in an involuntary, punitive context

McGraw Hill Education
Images used to illustrate first edition Textbook Juvenile Delinquency for higher education audience. Full-page images on cover and chapter introductions

Michi Soyer, University of Chicago

Robert May
SenArt Films, using images for his feature-length documentary on the juvenile justice system.

Robert Smid, Dutch videographer
Juvenile-in-Justice images used in video documentary about Spofford Detention in New York

Tracey Huggins, Campaign for Youth Justice Community Forum
Used materials to create a presentation for you advocacy and awareness

University of Pennsylvania Law School
Images being used in student documentary on School-to-Prison pipeline, with assistance by The Juvenile Law Center, and the Education Law Project, and the Philadelphia Defenders


American Society of Magazine Editors and Columbia University School of Journalism
Awarded Best News and Documentary Photography of the year, 2012, for Photo Essay, Juvenile InJustice, featured in Harper’s Magazine

CBS News
News in Pictures Feature

Forward Thinking Museum
Winner, FTM Photography

Harper’s Magazine (web and print) 
6-page photo essay on Juvenile-in-Justice

NPR’s The Picture Show
Feature on Juvenile-in-Justice

PBS Newshour
Video segment on Juvenile-in-Justice and Richard Ross

Photo District News
Feature on Winners of the ASME National Magazine Award 2012

Prison Photography, website
Featured as a part of Prison Photography On the Road

Top Must Read Stories, From the Week of April 13, 2012

Radio New Zealand
‘Tune your Engine- Juvenile-in-Justice’ March 6, 2012

The Real News, daily video news and documentary service based in Washington, D.C
Images used to illustrate Annie E. Casey’s Bart Lubow’s discussion on Race, Youth, and Criminal Justice System in Baltimore.

RTTV America (Russian Television)
Images used to illustrate story about failed juvenile detention system in America.

Spark Action, online journalism and advocacy center
Used as a part of their youth series

The Takeaway
Interview, “Juvenile Justice, Through the Lens of Photographer Richard Ross” April 2012, April 2012
Photo essay and article on Juvenile-in-Justice

Witness LA, Social Justice News, May 2012
Photo feature and article on Juvenile-in-Justice, Zocalo Public Square, Interview with Stephanie Washburn


American Bar Association, Las Vegas, NV.

Center for Sustainable Journalism and High Museum, Atlanta, Georgia (scheduled)

Gage Gallery, Roosevelt University, Chicago, Illinois (scheduled)

JDAI Conference Houston, TX

National Symposium on Juvenile Services, Las Vegas, NV (scheduled)

Nevada Museum of Art, Reno, NV

Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA (scheduled)

Women in Government Conference, Portland, OR