I am an honor resident here. I talk to the guard, work in the garden. I do well here. I grew up with some pretty bad people in Watsonville-the city without pity. I’m going to get my GED when I am out. 

-A.G. age 17

A good portion of our juvenile justice architecture was built as a fear response to the “super predator” scare of the 90s. This meant building facilities with a primary eye to staff security, confinement and punishment. Far more effective treatment is helping juveniles gain access to positive male role models. This means building a “pony” wall rather than a concrete, brick and glass barricade. Unfortunately, A. was released and then was involved in an altercation at a bowling alley. Firearms were involved. A. is now back in the system.

A's bookshelf in his room at Santa Cruz County Juvenile Hall.
Click here for more images of the Santa Cruz County Detention Center, Fenton, CA

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