I’m from St. Louis, the north side. I’m hoping to be released in four months, no later. My release date depends on my levels, levels of achievements. It’s pretty O.K here, we can wear our own clothes.

– B.D, age 16

B.D stretches out on the couch, his hand on his crotch under a sweatshirt. The female director, Betty Dodson, says, “take your hand off your imagination.” He laughs and brings his hand up. B.D is in Soaring Eagles Cottage at Hillsboro. This is maximum security, but the fences here are not topped with barbed concertina wire. They use a mesh climb-resistant fencing. Buddy Lew, a super-friendly Alaskan husky named after a well regarded administrator trots around in a classroom and sleeps at the feet of the kids. Hillsboro is an example of the Missouri model, which has been successful in its namesake state and is being promoted by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, amongst others. For more, be sure to tune in for tomorrow’s post about the Missouri Model.

click here for more images of Hillsboro Treatment Center

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