Last week Bart Lubow, Director of Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Juvenile Justice Strategy Group gave a talk at UC Santa Barbara titled No Place for Kids: The Case for Reducing Juvenile Incarceration, using information and findings from their like titled report released in October of last year. The talk was organized as a part of the Winter 2012 Justice Lecture Series at UC Santa Barbara. Lubow’s talk centered around America’s heavy reliance on juvenile incarceration and why we need to end this “addiction to incarceration.”

courtesy of Annie E. Casey Foundation


Bart Lubow, image courtesy Andrea Vargas

For the last four decades Lubow has fought for juvenile justice system reform, for those with the smallest voice in the criminal justice system. Lubow began his career in criminal justice in 1974 at the New York City Legal Aid Society’s Criminal Defense Division. He joined the Annie E. Casey Foundation in 1992, where he designed and now manages the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI). The JDAI has become the nation’s most widely replicated juvenile justice reform project.

The audience, composed mostly of students, community members and law enforcement, listened attentively to Lubow as he presented. Through graphs and statistics, Lubow painted a picture of a system that, contrary to popular belief, is in dire need of reformation.

courtesy of Annie E. Casey Foundation


Following Lubow’s lecture we received an email from a student proclaiming that “Bart was the dopest speaker we had thus far.” Big thanks to Bart for coming out and giving such a great lecture.

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