I’ve been sent down in the ranks due to my refusal to drink “quarters,” my ration of a liter of water on a regular basis, under supervision. [This is to make sure the kids are properly hydrated especially beneath the unforgiving Utah August sun.]

I’m from Arvada, Colorado. I’m still with the Polywogs, the group for newcomers, even though I’ve been here [Red Cliff Ascent] for 65 days. I am definitely using the water refusal to try and manipulate a situation. The experience here is boring. I was originally sent here for fighting with anybody and everybody. I never done any drugs. Drinking water?  I just don’t care.  If they think I am completely refusing water, they give you fluids via IV. Before Red Cliff Ascent I was in junior high. 

–C.R. Age 13, Red Cliff Ascent, Utah

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