When I was younger my step-dad would abuse me and throw me at my mom and my mom would choke me until I was about to pass out. They both did drugs. Sometimes my mom would be gone for days. I don’t know where I’m going to live after I get released, maybe with my real dad in South Dakota.  My dad’s never really been in my life but he can’t be worse than my mom.

– C.F, age 13

C.F was not responding while housed with juveniles in his age group. He was moved to an older, higher performing and more responsible group with the thought that sometimes peer pressure can be a positive force in enticing the adolescent to have more mature, responsible behavior.  St. Anthony in eastern Idaho is unusual as there is no chain link fence, no concertina wire and the population is committed with some major charges. The director says peer pressure and respect for the cottage or unit prevents the juveniles from too much drama or any thoughts of escape from this staff-secure facility.

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One thought on “C.F, age 13, JCC St. Anthony, St. Anthony, ID

  1. At his age, C.F. should be having fun with his friends and attending school like a normal teen. I find it shocking how so many juvenile delinquents are also victims of crimes. Rather than punishing youths, the juvenile justice system should focus on treating the cause of their bad behavior. I hope C.F.’s story will help spread awareness about reforming this broken system.

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