I’ve been in SEC (Soaring Eagles Cottage) two years for armed robbery. We get to wear whatever clothes we want. Yeah, my philosophy is you should ALWAYS give someone another chance. 

There are eight of us in this cottage. Both my parents come to visit every weekend. My group is stuck here in the dorm room because D.N decided he wasn’t going to class. He got frustrated and went back to bed. He was using the phone last night when something happened. I don’t know what it was. All I know is everybody had to go back to the dorm and he got cut short of his phone time. That frustration carried with him to the next day. My group has had to deal with it. When someone screws up, everybody has to deal with the consequences.

-D.N. age 17

Hillsboro Treatment Center in Hillsboro, Missouri is a maximum-security center. But instead of using razor wire to delineate boundaries they use climb resistant fencing. There is also a dog here, a friendly Alaskan Husky named Buddy Lew after one of the administrators. In the classroom he sleeps at their feet. The capacity in Soaring Eagles Cottage is 12. At the time of visit there were 8 residents. Virtually all of the kids here are African American. Today, as the boys are not leaving the cottage, the teacher has to come to them, She is trying to do fractions on a glass window. The 7 boys are slumped in various positions of lethargy and boredom as the teacher tries to get something, anything across.

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