I’m from Brooklyn. I have been here a week and am waiting to transfer to Crossroads. I’ve been in the system 10 times.  I was 12 when I first offended. I’m a Crip. I won’t sleep on a white sheet. I won’t eat donuts because when you take a bite into it–it looks like a C, which is disrespectful because one of our leaders was killed in front of a donut shop. I think it was Randys in LA. My parents don’t live together, My father visits once in a while. I got two felonies.  I go up for 1-3 years.

– C.R, age 14

Spofford, a secure detention facility built in 1957 with a maximum capacity for 75 juveniles, usually 16-20 are female. Today there are 41 kids. Spofford is frequently the intake facility, and youth are usually here for around 2 weeks. At the time of visit there was no AC and it was a hot day in June.  Subsequent to this photograph, Spofford was closed. The pictured juvenile wears his shorts as low as possible and tries to imitate his uniform on the outside.

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