Current Projects

Stay up-to-date with all of our latest projects, features and more. If you have any particular set of skills or a project you would like for us to collaborate on or provide content for, feel free to contact us and let us know how we can work together.


Puerto Rico Project

A collection of interviews and photographs of kids in detention centers throughout Puerto Rico is the latest developing project resulting from work on the island in early March. Check out the images and the working project here.

Guardian Scholars Project

With this successful model for change…..we will take this campaign national. Read more about the Guardian Scholars Project here.

Mitigating Character Videos

April 2019

We will make YOUTUBE videos that prompt a script that can be used by either the child at risk or a family member. The goal is to have a meaningful answer when a judge or probation, or social worker says: “Do you have anything to say?” There will be a series of videos, narrated and hosted by a range of children of different races, ages and gender identifications. We will employ an existing and sympathetic group of youth to engage in discussion with Juvenile defenders, probation, and juvenile prosecutors to find the most effective strategies and words to make a compelling video on behalf of every child.

We will have these videos available and shared with Juvenile defenders and courts at every opportunity. There is also the hope that they can become testimony to the worth of each child and can exist in a world of social media beyond the bounds of defending themselves in a justice system. They may act as a series of positive testimonials as to the value of the children of a community, a neighborhood, and a city. Hopefully they can become a chorus of potential and positivity and find a home beyond defending the child. Not only will these character videos help a child define who they are to others… but will help repair a broken dignity to themselves.


My Brother's in Juvie (Cover).jpg

My Brother’s in Juvie


My Brother’s in Juvie will be an illustrated book and a graphic novel, aimed at both children and adult policy makers. While there are young reader books that address serious topics such as divorce, suicide, cancer, death…there is nothing on juvenile incarceration that touches such a large population. There are millions of children involved in the system and exponentially millions more that are siblings or parents that have to explain to their children why their brother or sister is not living at home.

The arc of the book is two kids acting out in different ways in a classroom, and find themselves both relegated to a corner. One is an African-American girl who is making too much noise, the other a Latino boy who is hiding under his desk. As they whisper and exchange histories, they find out the commonality of their lives that brought them to this intersection.