Green Hill School 2

“I’m fifty percent Blackfoot tribe from Montana. Mom is Sequoia (tribe). I’m from Seattle. I was 15 years old when I was charged with assaults and fighting.  My mom passed away six years ago. I was 13. I have aunts. My aunts and uncles visit.  My uncle is doing 25 to life. My dad was in prison, now he works for the city of Seattle.  I talk to him on the phone all the time. He sees me every couple of weeks, depends on what’s going on. His name is the same as mine. We have a distinct native name, and since I’m the second, I’m junior. My step mom is Tongan so my brothers and sisters are Asian pacific islanders.I got six years probably.  For shooting, armed assault, and homicide.  I was 14.  There was no gang involvement.  It was a drug deal gone bad.  I know people that were declined at age 12.  I wasn’t declined.  I have a juvenile sentence.  I was given six years.  If everything goes right, I’ll do ten more months.  There are more mature people in this wing.  They’re laid back down here.  I have a high school diploma.  I want to go to college to get a business degree.  I been here four and a half years.”

-K.F., age 19, Green Hill School, Chehalis Washington

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