I’m eight months pregnant. I guess I am excited and terrified. I ran away to see Santiago who lives in Scottsdale. I got pregnant intentionally.

We don’t believe in abortion or adoption. I have two older sisters who are both parents. My mom was 15 when my older sister was born. I’m a sophomore in high school. It’s hard to focus. I haven’t been in school in more than a year because I keep running away to Santiago in Scottsdale. I always felt I needed him and to be loved by him and to help out. He’s a junior. My only crime was running away. But I’ve been here more than 9 times. I’ve been here 2 weeks this time. I was very selfish for not thinking of the baby. CPS says they’re going to take the baby away but I’m going to fight for her. My mother and sisters visit. My dad died 6 years ago and I miss him. They shot him 18 times. He was in the Mexican mafia, died when I was 10… I’ve really been messing up since then. Heroin. Meth. X. Inhalants. Crack. I was doing a lot of drugs when I was first pregnant with the baby but now I’ve been sober for 4 months. This unit is the drug treatment MAC unit.

–J.H. age 15, in Pima County Juvenile Detention, Tucson, Arizona

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