Reaching its second U.S. audience, the Juvenile In Justice exhibition opens at the Gage Gallery in Chicago tomorrow, September 13th. Make sure you get a chance to see the work in person before December 12th if you are in the area.

2 thoughts on “Exhibition: Juvenile-In-Justice at Gage Gallery Chicago

  1. “North or Nothing,” this is way too reminiscent of slavery. How can we expect the youth to gain a greater respect when they receive no respect of their own?

  2. The dire conditions this young boy is housed in is undoubtably ridiculous and sickening. How is it possible for these so called “delinquents” to officially grow up and move on when they are not only treated as animals and dangerous criminals but also housed in this fortress of solemnity and negativity. Respect is earned when it is given. These kids will never learn to respect the life that they are missing out on without first being guided the right direction, with the right attitude.

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