One thought on “G, Loysville Youth Development Center, Loysville, PA

  1. I was in this place for 8 months. It was my last placement after 6 yrs of f.t.a. or(failure to adjust) in 6 other placements. At age 7 it started with an attack of revenge on a kid with a knife in the school bathroom after the previous day he hit me in the face with several rocks and gave me stitches. That was the beginning of my “opposition” to “authority” or (people with power and control issues). I never lashed out once at someone I felt wasnt a physical threat to me. Every time I overcame a bully I became the bully. Violence begets violence. It took me many yrs to learn this and I have come along way from the “troubled” child I was. I can tell you that I accomplished my dreams set forth in this place. I can also say I think of the men and women who were true guides to me and who respected me as a human being. I can also thank them all for being caring people not only for my well being but for all those kids who never had the proper guidance into reality. I can say I was on a dozen medications for more than 10yrs of my life and all they did was make me a zombie and not care about things. I believe the interaction of the staff was and will always be the best treatment for people who just need compassion and understanding. Now lionsgate studios is funding a documentary about me and my tribulations and how I overcame abuse, neglect, being a minority in violent environments and drugs. I became a professional tattoo artist 3 yrs ago and now as I am an artist I am doing what I love and making a living and as well and better than I ever hoped.

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