I just turned 15. I’m from Guatemala. They are trying to send me home but I think I am trying to stay here.

 If I stay here maybe I can be a doctor. Most of the kids here are from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador. I have been here about a month, I’m waiting to hear about something with the court. My mother and father are in Guatemala. I would like to stay here with my grandma. I don’t know what will happen.

-S.R. age 15

Southwest Key Programs is a nonprofit organization that provides education, shelters, and incarceration alternatives to over 6,000 youth in the U.S each day. Southwest Key also works with the Agency of Refugee Resettlement. With headquarters in Austin, Texas they provide a host of services for juveniles while they are in the juvenile litigation system.

For more information about Southwest Key Programs: http://www.swkey.org/

Click here for more images of Southwest Key’s shelter in Lemon Grove, California

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