I am on lock down for fighting. I was in the other unit, but they moved me here with the older kids. I am not out much anyway. They will move me to gen pop in a couple of days.

-J.R, age 15, at Ferris School in Delaware.
Kids escape institutions in many ways. Not all of them are over the fence. I have met kids that try to escape the reality of their 8 x 10 cells by pulling sweatshirts over their heads and create makeshift “pup-tents” with their blankets. With the knowledge that security, visibility, suicide-prevention and other issues are significant, I pose two questions:
1: Is there a way to design an area within the cell/room itself that gives the juvenile a sense of protection (and escapism) that they seek? 
2: Why are cells being built that require a significant portion of the population to seek shelter from the very environment built to rehabilitate them?
Miami-Dade Regional Juvenile Detention Center, Miami, Florida.

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