I’m in the 9th grade. I originally had 16 charges of armed robbery, which was eventually dropped to seven. I’m also charged with attempted murder. I’ve never been in jail or juvie before this. I’ve been at TGK for three weeks… My mom, step dad and my little sister visit me here. I don’t know my real dad… My mom was in and out of jail in California for a while. I’m not in a gang, but I got kicked outta school. But here I do, I go to school and also I go to church… How did I get a gun? Someone gives you a gun.

D.H, age 15, at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center (TGK) in Miami, Florida.

I was 14 when I started coming here. This time, I’ve been here for two days and I’m hopin’ I get released tomorrow. I’m here this time for missing a parole meeting on my charge for being a minor in possession… but really I have a pretty straight-laced home. But my biological dad died of a brain hemorrhage in prison… I don’t know where. Reno is getting to be a pretty “dirty” place drug wise — my two friends O.Ded on heroin and there is hella meth here. I just smoke weed and drink though.

– T, age 17, at Washoe County Juvenile Detention Facility in Reno, Nevada

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  1. Sad doesn’t even begin to describe what juveniles are subjected to. The Juvenile Justice System was created to keep children out of the criminal justice system; however, it no longer does what it was created to do. Major reform and a Federal Juvenile Justice Code are desperately needed.

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