I’ve been here for a week. I think they call this the observation room. I go to class in the morning and then comes back to my room. I don’t like read and there is no TV to watch. I sort of sit here, eat here—you know.

I was supposed to come home today, but my Aunt didn’t come. I can’t live with my mother or father. I’ve been here three times before. This is the longest. My aunt doesn’t visit…she never sure when the visiting days are. Actually I didn’t tell my aunt that I’m here [she has to be notified].

– G.P, age 14

G.P. is “low functional,” as described by the detention head. He tells me that Child Protective Services is involved as well.  G.P. has a very slow mannered speech. He has been charged with battery against his aunt. The striped suits, which are standard issue here, have been banned from other states as early as 1904 for being “too dehumanizing.”

click here for more images from Southwest Idaho Juvenile Detention, Caldwell Idaho

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