I’m from Mill Valley, CA. It’s sort of a rich part of California in Marin. I live with my mom and dad and a little brother age 12.  My father has ALS,.

I have 2 older half siblings. They’re 30 and 35. I’ve been at Red Cliff Ascent for three days. I don’t know why I am here. I am not a bad kid, I just smoke a little weed. I lived in Denmark as an exchange student for 10 months and picked up the habit of smoking cigarettes as well. I guess I smoke a lot of weed, you could call it an addiction. I do a bong rip when I wake up and a joint before I go to class. I smoke between classes and at lunch. I think I am an all right kid, I just smoke a lot of weed. I always thought I could stop when I wanted, but I guess I kept putting it off. My Mom stresses a lot about my dad dying. I think I am going to try and kiss a lot of ass here and get out in 30 days. You should go look at San Andreas High school if you want to see a lot of screwed up kids. I have a 3.0 GPA. I guess I could do a bit better if I was not in a weed fog most of the day.

–J.R. Age 16, Red Cliff Ascent, Utah

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