“My fifth time here. After 30 days I am on Probation. It’s a cycle. I started coming here about 18 months ago when I was 16 Years old. I had a robbery charge, I got myself in a little trouble with the robbery charge. Mostly Probation Violation and Truancy violations. I am Southern Cree and Part Muckleshoot (check spelling). I tried to register, but I am not enough Native American. Not enough Bloodline. Not sure what it takes to be a native 66% for Muckleshoots and something else for Crees. My last grade was 9th but I would like to do a GED. I never got a visit while I was in detention.  My probation officer came to see me on my birthday. He also came at Christmas, but not on Christmas day. I live with my Mother and Grandmother.

I drink too much. I just go into a store and take a bottle of whatever I want.

Grandma is a receptionist at a vet’s office. I always wanted a dog. I usually stay at a friend’s house. I don’t get along with Mom. My Mom was addicted to crack. I don’t deal much with her. I couldn’t care less. I drink too much. I just go into a store and take a bottle of whatever I want. I figure I pay so much in taxes for a used video game, I’m entitled. My mother is 36 or 37. They want me to get treatment for drinking. I never got caught before. I have 2 sisters. Oldest is a manger at Starbucks. She completed 2 years at CC [city college]. My little sister goes to school. Every time I am here I get 30 days and then I am out. I read more in here than ever on the outside.”

-M.L., age 17, King County Juvenile Detention, Seattle, Washington

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