“I’ve been here five months. First time I was here I was 15. First time I was picked up I was 14. I was placed in Phoenix, which is rehab over at Lakeview Terrace. I was there for 10 months. It’s boys and girls.

Barry J Nidorf Juvenile Hall, 16350 Filbert St, Sylmar, CA 91342

I passed my GED, and then I stayed clean for about two weeks. I was on probation, but I got rehooked. I went home and then left the house and went on the run to my boyfriend’s house in Sun Valley. He’s 20. My parents didn’t know where I was. Yea, I started smoking meth when I was 14. I went to school in the 10th grade, but I just went there. I didn’t do nothing. My boyfriend collects metal and breaks it up and sells it. He does meth. They’re trying to charge me as an adult. I was 17 when it happened, so I have a lawyer that’s fighting for it to be juvie. I may have to take a strike and go to camp or take a strike and go home.”

-T.W., age 18, Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Hall, Sylmar,

**Interviews with youth are recorded to the best of our ability. All personal histories and anecdotes are self-reported by the children. To protect confidentiality of the youth, identities have been obscured, initials have been changed, and identifying details have been removed. Interviews have not been edited for content.

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