I owe County Jail 108 days for running away. Yup, I’m pregnant. I plan on naming my baby Addison. I decided to get pregnant with my boyfriend of seven years…. but he took off.

I’m from Littleton, Colorado. Been here over a month. I came from Daybreak. I got Community Placement but paroled out and ran away. I’ve been back and forth from parole violations to placements to County jail. My mother is head of Westwood College (a vocational school). She is really disappointed about my getting pregnant. I go to school to my Mom’s school so I get free tuition. My Mom and Dad will take care of the baby. The baby was due a week ago. I’m pretty nervous about the delivery. I found out the law about no shackles in the hospital, so I am happy that I won’t have to be handcuffed or in chains when I am trying to deliver. I’m here because I wrote a bad check on my father’s account and the bank pressed charges. I was 13. Then I made a lot of bad decisions, ultimately resulting in parole violations, jail time, etc. Now I’ve been sober for two years. I did drugs– Molly, (Like ECSTACY), Acid, Shrooms… I needed NA services. Both of my parents visit me here.


–A.S. Age 19, Betty K. Marler Youth Child Care Center, Denver, Colorado.

Betty K. Marler Youth Child Care Center in Denver, Colorado is on the grounds of Mountain View (Along with the Mountain View facility). BKM is a state-owned building run by Rite of Passage. The facility houses 41 girls and is always full. BKM is highly specialized and serves high risk, high need, high crime risk girls between the ages of 15-20.

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