Here’s a gallery of our most recent images.

If you are interested in using some of our images for your cause or project, please email us and describe your organization and what you would like to accomplish!

Minimum usage fee

We have to be able to survive to continue to produce this work. is a labor of love and moral commitment. After six years of free usage for non-profit advocacy groups we are now requiring a minimum $100 use fee.

It takes time to search the images, create the licenses and exchange a limited number of emails to insure we are all in agreement as to scope and use of the images.

It requires three business days from initial request to delivered images.

We have a very small staff and the basics have to be covered to survive. A basic licensing fee for web use for two years will be $100 for up to five images. This presumes an exchange of no more than two emails in and two emails out.

You know the importance and impact of the images. I hope this nominal cost will not deter you from use.

Many thanks,

Richard Ross
Juvenile in Justice

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