Back in February the U.S. Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Human Rights, and Civil Rights held a hearing called “Reassessing Solitary Confinement II: the Human Rights, Fiscal, and Public Safety Consequences.” The room was packed with stakeholders and advocates (maybe you were there!), and powerful testimony was delivered on the floor. Our images were also there, giving visual testimony for youth in solitary confinement. See our images in the hearing room below! In my opinion, the testimony of Damon Thibodeaux was the most poignant moment of the hearing, incredible and horrifying. Thibodeaux spent 15 years on Death Row in Louisiana before his exoneration in 2012. Instead of writing about it, I will encourage you to watch his testimony here.

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One thought on “Juvenile In Justice Images Used in Senate Hearing

  1. Advocating for children : In some of my research I had a visit with the Juvenile Justice GAL. This JJ GAL said she had worked in this area of juveniles for some 15 years and being aware of the sexual abuse rises up to possibly 90%….That is very alwarming to me….Erin’s Law would help deplete that number by far…..We need that Law in every single state including here in WA state ….(WHAT 90%) A child that learns child sexual abuse is never ok in any situation.

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