Juvenile In Justice was featured in the October issue of PDN in an article about social advocacy through photojournalism. You can read the article here.

2 thoughts on “Juvenile In Justice in Photo District News

  1. How can the justice system expect to change these kids lives for the better with punishment instead of reform? Whether the kids are guilty of anything or not, they will be returned to the streets as hardened jail-mates. It’s time for the system to stop looking for a scapegoat to punish.

  2. tru that these detention (more derelict) facilities are absolutely sadistic in their treatment of youth, especially those who’ve commited menial offences. the truth of the matter is that these youth adapt to the life of federal punishment, often leading to repeated offences even when released from these “reputable” detention centers. So the problem’s frequently related with bringing the juveniles to detention facilities; they should be utilized as a means of rehabilitation for juveniles who are repeatedly taken in. Like a place to chill and relieve their personal inhibitions for a better future.

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