What a morning! ‘Juvenile In Justice: Jailed youths Photo Exhibit,’ written by Scott Sonner with AP has been picked up by the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, CBS News and more. A little closer to home,  Tyler Hayden’s interview with Richard made the cover of the SB Independent. PHEW! Both articles are excellent and worth reading and we are so excited and grateful to see the work and the issue be so widely publicized. (!!!)

3 thoughts on “Juvenile in Justice on the cover of the SB Independent, in the NY Times, Washington Post, and more!

  1. I find this amazing that no one has even commented on the sadness in these photos.

    The “bully pulpit” of our justice system has no heart and eyes on the prize$$$!

    Profit from incarceration? Reminders of past wrongs as well.

  2. this is so fantastic!!! thank you a million, zillion, trillion times, Richard, for what you have done! and begun!!

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