I’m here for the first time, for violating my ankle monitor probation, and running away from the Florence Crinton group home in Phoenix. My Mom visits me here.  CPS wanted me out of my home so they could investigate without any problems. My Mom didn’t take me to court when she was supposed to. We were hit with domestic violence and the police were called. Me and my brother were fighting, and my Mom got involved. The argument was about not letting me go somewhere– something about the cell phone, something stupid. My Mom does home childcare. My Dad owns his own car business. My Dad triggered it. It started when I was 11. My Dad left when I was baby, came back when I was 11. He tells me lies about my mother, and then beats up my brother. He said he was going to come to my court hearing, but didn’t show. My mom would tell me how bad my dad was, and then me and my mom would argue over what each other said. My dad hurt my feelings because he chooses his girlfriend and business over me. 

–K.B. Age 15, Pima County Juvenile Detention Center, Tucson, Arizona

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