“I’ve been in the system since I was 12. The judge hates me and will never let me go home. I chewed through my cell window and escaped. I opened up some other doors and let three other kids out. Two of them jumped us when we got out and were hiding by some abandoned trucks and cars– one of them is in 19 across the cottage in his cell. Boring here so I lie on the floor and just watch things. They don’t give you no pens, no pencils, no nothing. They aren’t letting me out because I shit on my food tray and they’re pissed.”

– C.R, age 17, Nevada Youth Training Facility, Elko, NV

Nevada Youth Training Facility, Elko, Nevada

C.R. chewed out the window of his cell and opened the door from the outside. He is a career juvenile system resident.

He was in a psychiatric institution in Las Vegas. When he was in a psychiatric hospital, the staff let him do what he wanted as long as he didn’t bother them. He never participated in any program for almost a year. Wasted time for him. Now he refuses to be in any type of program. He is a “let’s make a deal sort of kid.” He contacts the counselor and says….”If I can call my call my mother, I will behave”….Doesn’t understand that the system is: you behave, respond to the program, and you get rewards such as calling home.  He’s more narcissistic than suicidal.  Both these kids in Mountaineer are really smart. Escapes go in waves. We have had four major attempts this summer. Last summer we had none. There is no fence, we are staff-secure. If they try and run they head for the highway or railroad. We know where to go find them and we have a buffer of a lot of land around us. Most of the kids are from Las Vegas since they closed Summit View.

– Joe Payne, Director, Nevada Youth Training Facility, Elko, NV

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  1. i am the youth in this picture i have been since released from custody and parole if you wanna real story about the third-world conditions of nytc contact me at (702)742-6115 thanks to the efforts of those who love me i was release if not for them id be in prison for the rest of my life ………….real life success story….

  2. Hey Drew, we’re glad he’s out too and are in contact with him to get his story of life post-Nevada Youth Training Center to share here. Stay tuned.

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