My parents are divorced and now remarried. I live more with my Mom; I am friends with my dad and my Uncle Rick, who lives with my Father.

I’m NOT adopted.  I’m from Oahu. I have been here about a year. My Mom is in the Army National Guard. My Dad is Head of student housing. I can go to college in Vegas and not have to pay a lot of tuition. I was transported at 3AM, Handcuffed. This is the second program I have been in. I was at Spring Creek Montana when I was 14. When they came to get me, I knew what was going on already. I was totally compliant. I have done a lot of drugs. Everything except heroin and acid. I was mostly doing Zanex and prescriptions. I was doing it all, boys, drugs, running away, not going to school, manipulating my parents. I got pneumonia and had to go to the hospital. A week later I was here. I was scared and sort of disappointed. For the first month and a half I was on “staff-buddy,” meaning one of the staff never left my sight. Never. I wasn’t allowed to talk to anyone. It was a big lesson. Then I became compliant. I did a “come clean” and told everyone all the things I lied about during the program. Then I was allowed to go to phase three. I am in “N” group. I went to Focus seminar but opted out. There are several steps, “Discovery, Focus, Principal, Keys” Focus is a seminar with boys and girls and a facilitator. You do a process where you emotionally share. You figure out your contract with yourself and the world. You find your purpose. It’s a long process. I also go to AA and NA. There are all sorts of specialized groups for Drugs, Alcohol, Adoption, grief, anger management etc. I have never missed a meeting. The therapist is an addict as well. “N” group has group therapy 2-3X a week. I go to individual therapy once every two weeks. There are also PC, Parent Child, seminars, where my parents come and we work together. They have to go through the same development process as me. I am going to graduate in December. My Mother came to the level 3 Parent Child seminar and it was a real breakthrough for me. It slapped me back to the reality of life. We reconnected and now we’re on the same page. We walked out of the seminar a lot stronger than we walked into it. We have an entirely different relationship now. If I never came to Cross Creek, this place specifically, I never would be where I am now. My goal is to graduate high school in Hawaii or Vegas. Sometime in the future I would love to sky dive and visit the Holocaust museum. I saw a piece on it in the movie ‘Freedom Writers’ and it really inspired me to visit it someday. “Make sure you say our favorite word is ‘Dude!’

–E.R. Age 15, Cross Creek Residential Treatment, La Verkin, Utah

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