Been here 14 months. I’m from a suburb of Detroit. Parents are divorced. My Father is an MD. He has lots of money.

That’s not an issue in my being here, and I can get an interesting job when I get out and move on with my life, money is not an issue for me. I have two older sisters and a brother, 20, 25 and 30 something. I did a lot of drugs– mostly weed, cigarettes, alcohol, ‘shrooms. I didn’t care about anything but drugs. I was doing terribly in school. Coming here was a joint decision. But they lied to me about when I was actually coming here. I thought I could quit on my own, but I couldn’t. They never did trust me to turn it around, and essentially they were right. My dad and my brother brought me here. I sort of knew I was coming. When your parents say you have a week to straighten out, they have essentially made the decision. They just don’t want you going crazy the last week. I knew what was going on so I was partying to an extreme the last week. I got home from a party at 4 AM and they woke me at 5 AM and said “we’re going.” We got on a plane from Detroit to Las Vegas. I slept the whole way, of course. Then the same on the drive over to here, and I didn’t really wake up until I got here to La Verkin and the Cross Creek office. I saw no point in running away when they told me. I was too tired, and still too stoned. I had no better option except to come. I slept all the way out here on the flight and the drive. I just woke up during a change of plane at an airport, but I was basically unconscious. At first I was angry and sad. When I found out I had to stay at least 13 months…I was furious. There are cool kids here, but I would rather be someplace else. The system is results based, so I have to be here at LEAST 14 months. At first I thought I could manipulate the system by doing really well, but I quit trying to do it, to manipulate, and started doing it for me. I did Focus, and then started to mentor Gregg when he came. I just want to go home and spend time with my family. I want to have some normalcy and have my parent NOT paying a fortune and just wake up and enjoy my day.

–M.T. Age 17, Cross Creek Residential Treatment, La Verkin, Utah

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