Playing chess at the Bluett School in St. Louis, MO.
A female student learning to play violin at the Bluett School.

If you can’t read and you haven’t been exposed, you can’t dream. These kids don’t dream, they have nightmares. Everything they know is negative.”

– Judge Jimmie Edwards, Founder of the Bluett School

The Bluett School in St. Louis, MO is an innovative concepts academy–a school of last resort. Kids who have been thrown out of school for fighting, drugs, bad behavior, suspension, or running away are sent here. In addition to a small average class size, the students participate in after school activities such as chess, dog obedience training, dance, and orchestra. This adds another dimension to the education received by these kids, reaching beyond the standard school subjects.

2 thoughts on “More Than Textbooks

  1. The fact that these students get a “second chance” at an education is such a great opportunity for them to start over and forget about their disheartening pasts. Since they not only get an academic education, but also an “extra” education with the activities such as dancing and music, they’re able to discover and enjoy various opportunies in life. This is extraordinary.

  2. It’s a shame more jail systems are not more like this one. There is no point in “punishing” children because it usually only leads to trauma and distress that would only lead to a future crime-held life. Rather jails, prisons, juvenile detention centers, and any sort of center should focus more on rehabilitation and personal improvement. How does anyone expect anyone to improve themselves and their lifestyle when they’re only being brought down?

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