Boys lined up at the Burnett-Bayland Reception Center in Houston, Texas. This is part of the normal check-in here. A significant portion of the history of juvenile incarceration in Texas involves boot camps. The process of transitioning from this quasi-military style to a more restorative, dignified practices, takes about 10 years. The Center was originally built with a capacity of 144 beds, but was downsized to a 90-bed capacity. Latino and African American youth make up the majority of the population. The Center has a drug program, a behavioral intervention program, a sex offender program, and a gang supervision program. The least recidivism is with sex offenders. 2/3 of the funding comes from the county and 1/3 from state/federal funds.

2 thoughts on ““No talking, hands behind your back, eyes down.”

  1. This article is wrong. The majority of the residents at BBRC are Hispanic, but due to the number of Hispanics that are classified as “white” males… I can understand why the public is misinformed.

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