“I got in a fight with my mom and my dad called the police. She hit me upside my head with a book. I hit her back. Those were the original charges. I’m only here until 4:30 today and my mom and dad will pick me up. My mom is bipolar. She got up in one of those moods and my dad said go back to sleep. They were arguing and I woke up and must have startled her. I was originally on probation violation because I was suspended from school. I was in FA. Family Advocacy. This kid started saying bad things about my mom and calling me white trash. He walked out hitting all the lockers. I just sat there. This other girl told them I started it. It was a verbal not a physical fight but still it was a PV. I got suspended for 3 days but that was enough to violate my probation. He was suspended until the end of the year.

They called the police and the state took me away.

Wyandotte_KS-20I’m in 8th grade I’m pretty sure. The youngest of the family is real smart and talented. He’s in kindergarten but reads at 5th grade level. He’s the sweetest. None of us kids live together. One sister lives in Atlanta. She’s 10. I don’t really know her. The other is 12. She’s a person that could end up here. She lives with my dad. My Mom lives here in KC. My Dad tried to steal me away from my Mom. They called the police and the state took me away. They wanted me to stay in my family so I was adopted by my grandma and grandpa. Grandma is retired. My grandpa is 63…He’s going to retire soon. He owns his own paint company. He does a lot of window repair work and is sort of a contractor. ”

-N.U., age 14, Wyandotte County Juvenile Detention Center

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