I’ve been here 4 ½ months for PV (probation violation). I dropped dirty (positive for drugs urine test). I dropped out of high school. They say I am a model prisoner. 

I’m going to court next week and hope of my sentence will be lowered. Last time I was in court my dad was supposed to be there, but he didn’t show up.  I’m bummed. My Dad is in the National Guard and was deployed to Iraq for one tour. Now he’s home working for an industrial HVAC company, but recently got laid off. Now Dad is studying to get trucker license.  My Mom stays at home. She doesn’t visit. I got two sisters and one older brother.

-D.R., age 17

Prisoners and convicts were forced to wear stripes for much of the 19th century. Some penal systems, such as New York’s, abolished them in 1904 citing stripes as a badge of shame and a constant humiliation.

More discussion on clothes and uniforms will become part of a series of recurring topic of posts.

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