To our friends in California — there are two propositions in the upcoming election that are CRUCIAL to criminal justice reform in our state, Props 34 and 36. In short, Prop 34 repeals the death penalty and replaces it with life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. In terms of budget, The Legislative Analyst’s Office estimates California would initially save $100 million a year, part of which would go to a new fund to help law enforcement solve rapes and homicides more quickly. Eventually, the state would save $130 million annually. Prop 36 revises the Three Strikes Law so people convicted of a third-strike felony will receive a life sentence only when the crime was serious or violent. This reform makes the punishment more appropriate for the crime and will decrease prison crowding.

Lethal-injection room, Angola State Penitentiary, Image © Richard Ross

We endorse voting YES on both props 34 and 36

KQED has an excellent voter guide HERE.  Also, read about why the Los Angeles times endorses YES on 34 and 36, here and here. 

Most importantly… VOTE! Voting day is November 6th! Find out where you vote and other info at 

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