I am a victim, according to my lawyers. I shouldn’t be here. They are not charging me with anything, but they’ve set bail at $250,000. I have been running away my whole life. My parents got divorced when I was four. My father started sexually abusing me when I was five and my stepmother physically abused me. I was caught stealing when I was 11. I started skipping school.

I was real close to my grandpa. I started running away more when he died. When I was 12 I got on a bus to run away and was kidnapped by two pimps, who abused me. I was smoking weed, doing ecstasy, drinking. I was with the pimps for two weeks. When I tried to get away, one of them shot me in the butt with a 38. The bullet came out my leg. I was paralyzed for two weeks and had to do rehab to re-learn how to walk. The DA wants me to testify against the pimp and his main prostitute. The prostitute, her name is Chance, told me if I ran away she would carve her name in my forehead with a razor.

 – R, age 16

R is a “Craigslist prostitute.” She went on a “date,” along with another girl, that was set up by her pimp. The john cut the condom. He called again for service and they brought their own condoms, which he cut when he thought they were not looking. He then raped her, forcing her to have sex without a condom. He is in jail for menacing, kidnapping, and attempted murder. They want R to testify. Her attorney says she is being victimized even more by the system.

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