At the end of August, Ross interviewed R.F. to check in, find out the status of his fifty-one month court case, and see what he’s done with all those hours in juvenile detention. Listen to R.F. explain what he’s facing over four years after his arrest at 13 in his own words. Below are links to audio clips of the interview.

From Arrival To Lockdown: R.F. discusses his arrival at TGK at age 13

Transitioning To Adult Prison: R.F.’s views on his upcoming transition to the adult wing

Preparation For The Outside: R.F.’s thoughts on returning to the outside, and how he’s prepared while locked up

3 thoughts on “R.F. Update: Four Years and Three Months Without Trial

  1. This is not only a violation of his constitutional rights, but his lazy court appointed mouth piece should be all over this. this is the trend going on within the prison system, and its been happening all over, i call it bag em and tag em, its when a juvee is held over until they can be tried as an adult and given a stiffer or the stiffest sentence., how can we expect them to be rehabilitated if they are being thrown into the harshest conditions while coming from harsh conditions, and while violating thier constitutional rights, and giving them nothing to look forward to but more hell, and once released put back into the very conditions which landed them there in the first place? Some of them have parents that could care less, and would prefer it if they stay on the inside, some have households that are fuller than the cell in which the child is locked in, 1 poor child is actually happier there she stated its the best place she’s been!

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