“I was at TGK for a year. It wasn’t too bad, but I remember getting out and my Mom hugging me for the first time in a year and we both cried and cried. I am here now on other charges I caught– home invasion, kidnapping armed car jacking, aggravated assault, battery and armed battery.

All of them were dropped to juvenile. They could have been charged as an adult, but I caught a break. Adult would have been 10 years but Juvie will get me into a level 10 program at Okeechobee. I got 3 years but can get out in 1/2 that if I behave well. I am in confinement for writing ‘F**K Folk’ on my notebook.”

– S.M, age 15

S.M. is being held in confinement. The maximum legal confinement time is sixteen hours. S.M. claims he has been here 72 hours. The temp is 59 degrees. During the day he has no mattress, sheets, pillow, books, TV. In the evening he is given bedding. He is allowed out of his 8×10 cell to shower. Upon alerting the state juvenile officials in Tallahassee of these conditions, a site inspection team was immediately dispatched to investigate and remedy.

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