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80 days, three weeks, 72 hours, 800 days…..These are the responses of kids when asked how long they were kept in isolation. Iso, administrative seg, time out, disciplinary confinement. All euphemisms for inhumane treatment of children, essentially locked in closets for extended periods of damaging, punishing time. Often without TV, books, education, mattresses, pillows, blankets. The standard seems to be holding kids for 23 hours and sometimes allowing them out for an hour of “large muscle movement”…although no one really knows how this time period has become the standard. What is known is how widespread and damaging this practice is.

Put an isolation room in front of your University Center, Ed school library, Law School lounge or Conference Room reception hall. We built one that is easy to assemble, is flat-packed and can be rented for the occasion.

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Masturbate, Sleep, Deteriorate
ISOLATED: Richard Ross (An exhibition at SBCC)

Assembly of the cell takes no longer than two hours with a small team.



Rental Fee: $3,000 + mileage for a 3-day rental (contact us for a full quote)
Note: The cell is only available within a 500-mile radius of Santa Barbara, CA
Installation: All materials are included and the cell will be assembled by two of our assistants
Space Required: 8′ x 8′


Option 2: THE KIT


Rental Fee: $1,500 + shipping (contact us for a full quote)
Includes: Cell door (fabric print), mattress, sandals, two jumpsuits, audio, drain decal, wall text, two isolation images printed on Photo Tex, and plans for building the cell
Installation: Easily installed into a range of windowless rooms



Solitary Confinement comes complete with a mattress and a speaker system that gives voice to the endless number of children that have been in these cells in clips of 15-60 seconds:

Invite your population to sit in the cell alone and gain a small window(less) view into this world. Invite them to sign a petition to Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and state and local officials to ban this practice.

Solitary Confinement can also be paired with an exhibition and / or presentation by Richard Ross.

Contact for details and bookings.