I’m from Kenosha and I been here for two months, nobody visits me. I was in Ethan Allen for a year, and a month in Martin. I wanna be a R&B singer, I write my own songs [proceeds to sing, thumping against his chest for a beat]. I’ll send you my lyrics.

I want to be successful. I wanna have a restaurant called “Brother’s House of Fine Ribs.” I’m gonna own a whole chain of them. This little sculpture dangling from this string here? That’s a dream-catcher.

-T.C.W. age 16.

 Mendota is the treatment center for male juveniles who have been problematic at other Wisconsin commitment institutions. Many states will have distinct facilities targeted for specific portions of their population-maximum, sexual offenders, female etc. Some states have campuses with different wings or house juveniles with adult populations. These are always supposed to be segregated by sight and sound.

Lyrics to T.C's song "Young love," written at Mendota.
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One thought on “T.C, age 16, Mendota Juvenile Treatment Center, Mendota, WI

  1. I find it incredible that this young man still has dreams despite his situation. He has a passion and he knows exactly what he wants out of life, a quality that many kids his age don’t have, whether they’re in a detention facility or not. Unlike others in a similar situation, who seem so despondent, T.C. still wants to reach for his dreams and I think this is remarkable! It gives me faith to know that the justice system cannot break the spirit of every young adult that is incarcerated.

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