• I was taught the game. “I been her three months now. This is my second time. My moms an X-ray technician, she visits. My dad’s not in the picture. My girlfriend braided my hair. I’m from BPS. Black Peace Stone. Where’s that? It’s the Jungles. What’s that? The apartments. Where are the apartments? Western LA over near La Salle. I […] October 7, 2016
  • “I lost my freedom in detention!” This week, Juvenile In Justice concludes the features on two adults who spent much of their childhood lives in detention. Jose Vidrio shares his experience of being in and out of the juvenile justice system and the conditions of confinement, and touches on his achievements as an adult now.  ……………………….  by Jose Vidrio I was physically abused by my […] January 8, 2016
  • “I opened the door and there he was dead.” She had me going to the store to steal bread and milk. I’ve been here three months. This is my third time here. I was 13 when I came the first time. I had a curfew violation. For three days I didn’t come home to my house. My parents didn’t know where I was. I […] May 6, 2015
  • A.W, age 16, Youth Training Center, Elko, NV I’m from southern California originally. I was living in Las Vegas, partying a lot,  doing lots of drugs and trying to be a DJ. My Mom is emotionally distant and my step dad is very aggressive. One’s Catholic and the other is a Jehovah’s Witnesses. They really don’t like that I am gay. October 31, 2011