Take Action


Our priority at Juvenile-in-Justice is to give a platform to the voices of  juveniles in the justice system. We turn a lens on the placement and treatment of American juveniles housed by law in facilities that treat, confine, punish, assist and, occasionally, harm them.  

We work to better understand and/or explain the needs, policies, strategies, and resources required to facilitate better outcomes for the 53,000+ children in custody every day. As such, it is our hope that these juveniles’ stories are felt, heard, and seen. With gratitude, we hear your desire to write to and engage with the juveniles whose stories we have had the chance to tell.

Like D.R., from our recent Facebook post, there are more children like him that want to hear from you. To protect the kids, we can’t publish their faces, their names or names of the institutions. However, there are impactful ways to take action in response to the stories we’ve shared throughout our social media.

We use the power of pictures, but we also believe in the power of words. If you want to send letters to kids in detention or to kids in the foster care systems, you can download the letters we have developed down below. Simply print, sign, seal and deliver to your local detention center or child welfare services office. These kids don’t have internet access to email nor social media.

Some of you may be frustrated with state and national policies regarding child incarceration and welfare. We also developed letters that you can download and send to your government officials urging them to direct their efforts towards alternatives to detention and incarceration.

For more ways to get involved and take action take a look at our list of organizations, who we partner with and support, that focus on alternatives to detention and policy change for child welfare.



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