[The Outs] From the news, images on this site, and your personal observation, it is strikingly clear that racial equality is one area seriously lacking fairness when it comes to justice. Since 2007, Sedgwick County’s juvenile justice reform has been working towards fairness and equality—even before a kid enters the courtroom. When a youth of color is sitting in intake at a juvenile detention facility, it is more than likely that injustice has already occurred in their encounter with the justice system. With racial profiling an ever-present threat, and less resources allocated to communities that are mostly people of color, it is clear that to make progress toward racial equality, a change needs to be made before kids are behind bars (or even in the cop car.)

Sedgwick County_KS-1
Exterior of Sedgwick County Juvenile Detention Facility, Wichita, Kansas

In this department, Sedgwick Co. made meaningful strides with their DMC (Disproportionate Minorities Contact) Action Initiative, funded by Models for Change. From 2009-2011 the county saw a 31% and 26% reduction in arrests for African American and Latino Youth, respectively, over the course of 3 years. Though the road to justice can be painfully slow, strides such as these must be acknowledged when and where they are made.

[The Ins] Even with progress on the outs, kids are still serving time within the walls of institutions. Sedgwick County Juvenile Detention Facility  is a 108-bed facility in Wichita, Kansas. Though life in the facility is no summer camp, there is comparatively much worse out there. The youth have participated in an art project where they leave vibrantly-colored handprints on a wall of the facility. Corrections officers have to come up with activities once a month, so they are engaged in the full process. The images below show more positive strides in Sedgwick County.

Sedgwick County_KS-12
The facility’s restraint chair is no longer in use, held in the storage area of the facility.
Sedgwick County_KS-24
Kids have access to a wealth of books in the library.
Sedgwick County_KS-8
Vibrant handprints of kids who have contributed to an art project that remains on the walls, sending a message to youth that follow.
Sedgwick County_KS-37
A cake celebrates the accomplishments of a graduating youth.

Stay tuned for stories of the youth inside Sedgwick County Juvenile Detention Facility in the coming weeks.

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