Highlights from the week’s juvenile justice and justice related articles, videos and more that are worth your time.

Wyoming Supreme Court Finds Miller v. Alabama is Retroactive

Victory! Wyoming is the latest state to retroactively apply the 2012 Miller v Alabama decision to those currently serving mandatory life sentences they received as a child.

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Pipeline to Prison: How the Juvenile Justice System Fails Special Education Students

Few places are the rights of special needs youth so invisible as in a juvenile detention center. Whether their special education requirements are seen as a cause or a symptom of their delinquent behavior, few detention center programs take the time to address these needs, and the consequences are dire. It is not uncommon for a youth with educational disabilities to simply not attend school while in detention, and as Sue Burrell of the Youth Law Center says, “Every day they’re not getting a real education…we’ve lost. The kids that are in juvenile justice cannot afford to lose those days.”

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VIDEO: Former New York Prison Warden Visits Norwegian Prison

The former superintendent of Attica Correctional Facility in NY visited Norwegian correctional facilities…and was dumbfounded by philosophies fueling their practice, calling the Norwegian facility “prison utopia.” What surprised him most? That inmates were given access to a full recording studio, with the mindset that all prisoners return to society, and must be prepared for a healthy reintegration to society. We can’t wait for the full documentary!

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When It Comes to Solitary Confinement, U.S. Fails the Mice Standard

POP QUIZ! Who has a better federal standard of treatment in solitary confinement, human prisoners or mice? The sad truth is that you probably guessed the right answer: mice. It turns out we can’t extend to our own species guidelines mandating that “individuals, when in isolated confinement, must have the ability to socialize, to communicate, and to physically interact with other individuals.”

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Prop 47 Could Take the State a Step Further in Reducing Overcrowding

A promising proposition on California ballots could reduce many low-level drug and property offenses to misdemeanors this election season. Riding the coattails of recent (and successful) legislation that scaled back California’s three strikes law, CA Proposition 47 holds the potential to push the state’s criminal justice reform even further. “Californians — who support the proposition by a healthy margin, according to polls — have now seen for themselves that they don’t have to choose between reducing prison populations and protecting public safety.”

READ MORE: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/30/opinion/prop-47-could-take-the-state-a-step-further-in-reducing-overcrowding.html

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