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Healing From Trauma: Girls in Juvenile Justice

“The level of trauma experienced by girls now in the juvenile justice system is unacceptable” is somewhat of an understatement. When looking at the life histories of girls in the system, it is often beyond belief that these girls are being punished. Abuse, neglect, family support and mental health disorders are all factors that play a significantly larger role in girls’ lives before getting in conflict with the law. If you want to learn more about the unique challenges girls face in the juvenile justice system, take a sneak peak at our new book, Girls in Justice, out January 2015!

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Evidence-based Practices Aren’t the Only Tool in the Shed

No single set of evidence-based practices will bring justice to all of our youth, something we must keep in mind when advocating for juvenile justice reform. Not all of our kids have the same needs, nor will the same program be applicable to every kid’s situation. Another thing we need to look out for? Rejecting practices that are widely accepted just because they aren’t evidence-based.

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Moving Student Photos Document School-To-Prison Pipeline

These powerful photos representing the school-to-prison pipeline were shot by the very youth who are facing its consequences. The most shocking part is how normal these scenes are for the youngest of us. When you look at these photos, it’s hard to doubt that these schools prepare kids less for successful futures, and more for a life behind bars.

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California Voters Deal Blow To Prisons, Drug War

Victory in California! Proposition 47 passed, and we’re happy to see the reform momentum isn’t lost after reducing the severity of the state’s three strikes law. This new measure will reduce many nonviolent felonies like drug possession and shoplifting to misdemeanors. It’s estimated that the courts will charge Californians with 40,000 fewer felonies per year as a result of the legislation. Props, California! …Horrible pun intended.

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OP-ED: Book Clubs Are Next Logical Step

Book clubs: they aren’t just for your mom’s beach reads! Starting a book club with monthly meetings to dicuss books, articles, and research papers about juvenile justice reform is a GREAT and ACCESSIBLE way to take action in your own community: “These conversations would benefit people who work in the system every day and open a line of communication between the insiders and those who are impacted by the system but never experience it firsthand.”

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