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Can Europe Offer the U.S. a Model for Prison Reform?

Between the architecture, ‘therapeutic culture,’ and two-year trainings for prison workers, German and Dutch corrections practices illuminate how uncivilized—and just poorly informed—the American approach is. Whereas only a privileged few of our prison population will even get the chance for work release, spending weekends with the family is encouraged in these European countries. American corrections workers are trying to bring back some of these practices; let’s hope they make great strides with this new inspiration.

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‘Welcome to Hell:’ The Border Patrol’s Repeated Abuse of Children

This article might make you sick, but we still want you to read it. To count the ways these abuses against detained immigrant children are unacceptable would take a lifetime. What the youth report is nothing short of torture in some cases, and the government has known about it. When will those opposed to immigration realize that there are social forces (often put in motion by the U.S.), pushing these young people out of their homes into our country?

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Baltimore Joins Cities Toughening Curfews, Citing Safety but Eliciting Concern

Curfews are one of those things…They aren’t instated because their obedience would solve the problem, but because of what their obedience COULD do for the community. But do we really think an earlier curfew will keep kids safer? If we can learn anything from similar policies of the past, we don’t just fear selective enforcement—we expect it.

READ MORE: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/22/us/baltimore-joins-cities-toughening-curfews-citing-safety-but-eliciting-concern.html?_r=0

Between Hope and Despair, Waiting for Meaningful Implementation of Miller v Alabama

While citizens of the U.S. are no strangers to botched or late attempts to uphold a Supreme Court ruling, rarely do we get the issue dissected for us so clearly as in this article. Big names from the Juvenile Law Center, Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth, and the Sentencing Project teamed up on this one to dissect how and why states are still preventing parole hearings for those sentenced to life as juveniles.

READ MORE: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/marsha-levick/between-hope-and-despair-_b_5525238.html

The Quiet Crisis in Native American Juvenile Justice

Native American youth face so many unique challenges when they enter the juvenile justice system. Considering their striking overrepresentation in the justice system, we do not hear nearly enough about specific barriers preventing tribal justice. This article gives a brief overview of the variety of factors at play in determining what happens to a Native American youth convicted of a crime.

READ MORE: http://www.corrections.com/news/article/36513-the-quiet-crisis-in-native-american-juvenile-justice

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