Highlights from the week’s juvenile justice and justice related articles, videos and more that are worth your time.

The Criminalization of Children Forced Into Prostitution

You can only here so many child prostitutes tell their stories before you realize that they are unequivocally victims of the circumstances our society has allowed them to fall into. While legislation such as the Trafficking Victims Protection Act have been proposed to limit the criminalization of these kids (the wide majority being girls,) some still view child prostitutes as ‘legitimate offenders,’ namely, D.C.’s Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice.

READ MORE: http://thinkprogress.org/health/2014/08/27/3476113/dc-child-survivors-sex-trafficking/

An Inspiring Fashion Collective Springs From Peru’s Prison System

This isn’t the first time prison fashion will influence street style—I assume we all know why so many young men walk around with their pants on the ground—but never have prisoners been so engaged in the conscious production of a fashion brand as with Project Pieta. This inspiring fashion collective, now with 30 male and female inmate interns, has sprung from daylong design and fabrication workshops with textile specialist Thomas Jacob.

READ MORE: http://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/08/28/peru-prison-fashion-project-pieta/

OP-ED: International Perspectives on Juvenile Detention and Solitary Confinement

Everyday we are inundated with statistics and factoids that tell us how horrendous our justice system is compared to the rest of the world. Rarely though, do we get the details of exactly how other countries are serving justice to their citizens. This fascinating article gives us a window into a very specific niche of justice systems worldwide: Europeans’ approach to solitary confinement of juveniles.

READ MORE: http://jjie.org/op-ed-international-perspectives-on-juvenile-detention-and-solitary-confinement/107517/

Voices from Solitary: What Have You Done to My Brother?

A truly unique article about the horrifically common phenomenon of solitary confinement. K. Kabasha Griffin-El writes for Solitary Watch from the general population of PA’s SCI Greene, sharing with us the day he was able to visit his brother who had been held in solitary for 22 years. Griffin-El writes, “I thought that there was nothing that would be too much for me to handle, but it was…too much for me to handle.”

READ MORE: http://solitarywatch.com/2014/08/27/voices-from-solitary-what-have-you-done-to-my-brother/#more-13551

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